Delivery Days & Locations

Delivering Monday through Saturday we make deliveries to the Greater Birmingham area, always sporting our super cute Full Pantry t-shirts. All of your orders are due by midnight
the day before your delivery.


Grocery Stores

We will happily shop for you from any grocery store in Birmingham (i.e. Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Costco, Walmart, Publix). Being a local business, we get particularly excited for opportunities to support our fellow small business friends by delivering from local grocery stores, farmer’s markets or farms around Birmingham. (We’re not sure you’ve lived in the Ham until you’ve tried Pepper Place Farmer’s Market, Bandit Baking Co., We Have Doughnuts, Mountain Meadows Farm or Bunch Bakehouse.)


*To have groceries delivered from multiple stores on the same day,
 $5 will be added for each additional store.




The cost for our services is 20% of your grocery bill with a  $20 minimum fee and a $50 maximum fee. The delivering and unpacking of your groceries is included, because we’re nice like that. As far as markups go, you will always pay exactly what the price tag states in the store, which sets us apart in the best sort of way.

Your payment for the groceries and our services will be due upon delivery. We accept Cash, Check, or Venmo payment

*Tips appreciated